Yes, I realize it is Thanksgiving Day. Again I am reminded of one year ago spending this meal with my daughter via FaceTime. It was so enjoyable! I felt like finally she is getting her shit together. Rather she was just pretending to have her shit together. Sadly.

Her medical condition was cellulitis inside of her cheek. Her face was twice the size of normal. I immediately realized there was something bad. Treatment required antibiotics intravenously. We had a nurse visiting our home to give her the antibiotics, daily for five days. It wasn’t really that long yeah I saw what it was doing to her. My parents came to visit as she laid up on the couch feigning a true fatal illness. My daughter soaking up all the attention. For my mother I saw her deadly brown eyes light up. She saw attention for herself as she has done this with her other children….just not me.

When my daughter went to live with my mother the medical attention began. My daughter had her knee operated on. Not a small incision with microscopes. She had a 12 inch incision on her leg. Yes, I allowed he to convalesce at my single story ranch house. Big mistake. Waiting on an overgrown child who also had an infant and an unemployed boyfriend in addition to me. We all had to play the roles of caregivers. She soaked it up just as my mother taught her by example.

Every single sniffle in every single one of my siblings was my mothers to report to anyone who would listen. She was a true hero by discovering her child’s cough was not caused by a myocardial infection. (This is extremely rare! It is why my sister died at age 14.) So here was the true reason why my daughter has joined the ranks of “Illness fakers” on Reddit. She has all the imagined symptoms of every top disease which does not have a test to confirm. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is one. She pretends to need crutches to walk. Yet when she thinks she is alone, free of onlookers, she hops and walks as the rest of us. She was trying to convince me soon she would need a motorized wheelchair. My response? Perhaps you should build up your muscles so they are not being wasted from non-use? To add to my reality, I said “most of the subjects on Illness Faker with ED have shoulder dislocations. You are lucky to have the strong supportive shoulders!” At that point I shut down my ability to actually listen because I knew she would have a huge story of hoe much worse her ED is than anyone else’s. Oh and yes, her shoulders have “popped out” but as special as she is my daughter can, and has “popped” her dislocated shoulder right back in! Doing so without any medication or help from the Emergency department.

Happy Thanksgiving! The best day is tomorrow, Black Friday!!! Get out your cash and credit cards!💵💳

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