Apple Music.. any music

So I’m a 70’s and 8o’s music freak. Play a song i can bring you right where i was at the very movement i heard the song play.

IN A GADDA DA VIDA by iron butterfly is a 60’s gem. Way before my experience and knowledge. However it is one of the exceptions. See my first husband played this even when i begged him not!!!

I learned valuable music knowledge from him as well as having 2 children.

All else about my first marriage is held in a secret from the trauma it caused, My emotional age was 12, his was vast. Lessons from the master, but I got 2 great distant memories………

Yet IN A GADDA DA VIDA brings me right back to the turn table (stolen in the robbery) playing loud and clear. The group which singer I had no knowledge of north and I want knowledge of. Whenever I was on the run into a documentary that explained the meaning of the song. It makes sense at all makes sense after a while? My mother would’ve hated his music especially if I was listening to it. My mother hated everything about me from the 60s? Yup I was on my own.

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