Meet the beast;

Juki DDL 8700 H

I have had her for 1 year and a half without any problem. Of course you know that there’s going to be a problem in the next sentence. It started to so only in reverse. There’s no forward on this machine anymore. No I’ve got to either fix it or figure out how to start sewing things in reverse. I’m not sure if I can do that??? I’m not that good.

I just spent a few hours searching for hope/help from a video explaining the problem and showing the fix.. there was only one video which discussed the problem of the reverse being permanently on. The video further explained there’s a plug in the motor which just needs to be reversed or plugged in a different way. That was the fix for that particular sewing machine. The machine owner stated her kids must’ve been playing around with the machine. I don’t think it’s gonna fix my machine because there’s nobody that would mess with the machine. Nobody touches my beast, ever!

If anyone out the house a solution I would certainly love it if you could let me know. The contact information is somewhere on the blog. Leave a comment?

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