7.16.21 THE BIOPSY and (next) Lumpectomy.

(I am posting this a week or so later than it was written. I know now the MRI biopsy came back showing I have at minimum DCIS, possibly the cancer in my breast has spread. This will be known after a lumpectomy of the non mass enhancement found scheduled for 4 weeks.)

Do you notice I only put THE in capital letters? Because the biopsy shouldn’t matter it should come back negative. However there’s a few things that I know. Because the biopsy shouldn’t matter. It should come back negative. However there’s a few things that I know.

Having the radiologist be open to discussion IS a very nice change from the typical medical adventure. I not afraid to ask questions, he informed me the area is very vascular which signifies “something”. What exactly is “something”? That part I will find out on Monday (July 26, 2021). Today is Saturday (July 24. 2021). All day yesterday I kept myself busy by sewing. Sewing is my passion. Today I woke up at 3:30 am. The only thing on my mind is my fucking boob. Yes I hate it. Just the right one. The left is a cool boob?


Oh!!!!! I am very scared 😱 at this moment 🪚. My last few days of living innocent, cancer-free🧨. I know what the future holds. Can I hope against it? I am trying to be a drama queen here….. I’m not being very successful here am I? 🔫

I am scared. This time I am not uneducated on breast cancer. I do not know everything. I don’t know 1 zillion the of anything. I have educated myself enough to ask questions. I will not be treated like an idiot. Like the first arrogant surgeon who did not allowed to ask questions of him. On the phone he announced “Your breast has carcinoma. My secretary will call you. Garble, garble, garble.” Doctor arrogance with a golf club up his ass hung up without even allowing me a word in sideways……. His assistant never contacted me by phone. Three days later I received a letter with the date & time of the the re-excision procedure for 10 days later.

It’s safe to say things have changed in the last 12 years? Mainly the pandemic. Also I believe the medical profession as a whole have become kinder as a species? Yes. Every medical person I speak with are nicer. I am also wrapped up with a set of decent care providers. I sought for a great primary care doctor. However, I sought for a medical office which had a reputation for killer kindness. One which believed in above grade medical care, patient satisfaction and had a nurse practitioner who I could develop a wonderful one 0n one relationship with. A few visits later I knew I struck gold with my choice. Why? I felt comfortable with the relationship I was developing with the main medical squeeze. Then along came the pandemic, tele-health appointments and messaging by app. Oddly enough the app has a “question” section which will not allow any questions to be asked…… It bounces messages back if you place a question mark. Once I understood this small technology blurb it worked well. Statements rather than questions are the way it works. Instead of; “May I please have a refill of 3 lorazepam?” I write “Please refil my script for 180 lorazepam.” (OK I’m actually not serious but yeah….. Never place a ? When you must place a !.

I’m getting silly here. But life is anything which adds a giggle in the end, right! HERE is the biopsy report.

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